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Money Intelligence® by Susan Wahhab:

"Shifting your mindset from Consumerholic to Investorgetic®"

My clients call me the Dream Maker. 

They share their dreams and aspirations for the future with me in my small meeting room. Sometimes they are touched by what they share with me while pouring their heart out about past financial successes and failures. I help them complete their past and draw out their dreams for a better future. I make sure the meeting room is always stocked up with tissue boxes, a big heart and open arms. 

I love having those authentic conversations with my clients to help them achieve their financial independence. Money is not always the end game for them. Love, happiness, travel and looking after family are their top priorities. Living a dignified financially comfortable retirement that's similar to their current working life is on their minds too.

That's where I come in... I help them shift their value mindset from a Consumerholic to an Investorgetic™ (a term I coined that means a passionate and committed investor). Once the mindset shifts, it's easy to do a budget and talk about savings, super, shares, property investments and tax structures like SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund), Property Unit and Family Trusts to ensure I protect their assets and save them tax.  

So I call myself their Financial Strategist and Money Mentor. 

Money Intelligence® Book is out now:

You can order the printed version (AUD $39.95) on SHOPIFY. You will receive 2 Mandala colouring sheets designed by the book artist Natalie Najjar

You can order the e-book (AUD $19.95) on SHOPIFYItunes, Kobo, Kindle, Amazon. You will receive 1 Mandala colouring sheet designed by the book artist Natalie.

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Financial Strategist & Money Mentor
Founder, Winner Partnership Pty Ltd (Est. 1995)

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