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The average super fund balance in 2009 was $70,000. That's not enough to guarantee your retirement. We believe that if you want to guarantee your retirement nest egg and plan for your financial future you would need to be contributing over 20% of your income to super. The current super guarantee is 9% way below what you need to achieve financial independence.

The statistics are still showing the same rates: no more than 10% of the population will be financially independent at retirement and the 90% of retirees will be relying on part/full payment of the old age pension.

If you believe that you can live on $644/ft (single pensioner) or $970/ft (couple pensioners), then read no more. Congratulations, you don't need to worry about super, shares or investment properties. Just go on have a great good time while you are young and free, pay off your mortgage and wait for the Govt to hand you the age pension when you turn 65/67 (depending on when you are retiring)! 

For those who believe it's not enough and who believe they don't want to work till 65/67, then we can help you.

Your financial planner: Your trusted adviser

As authorised representatives of Financial Services Partners (FSP) Pty Limited (ABN: 15 089 512 587), AFS Licensee No. 237590.  We have a team of qualified financial planners that take a holistic view of your prosperity to produce, protect and pass on your wealth to the next generation. We have knowledge about areas such as taxation, social security, superannuation, insurance, estate planning, investments and finance. Financial planning is such a complex and dynamic field that we are constantly updating our knowledge and skills to remain current. It is critically important to have a trusted financial adviser who is going to investigate all the options and provide you with the best advice with the rationale for their choice.


Financial Planning Process
We follow a methodical six (6) step financial planning process to ensure we are thourough and provide the best outcomes for our clients. The steps include: Aims - we find out your goals, aspirations and issues/ concerns. Assemble - we gather all the information we need about you including your risk profile, assets/ liabilities, income etc. Analyse - we evaluate all the information working out the gap between your current situation and where you want to be. Advice - we recommend strategies and tactics in a formal Statement of Advice (SOA) evaluating your options and outlining the rationale for our choice. Apply - we implement those recommendations. Appraise - we review those on a regular basis especially if circumstances change.

  • Insurance - What would happen to your family and your business if something went "wrong" with you and you couldn't work? Would you be able to minimise any of the negative financial impacts? We are authorised insurance brokers with a range of insurances to protect you and your family in case of unfortunate circumstances. We will analyse your situation, evaluate the products in the market and provide a formal Statement of Advice (SOA) explaining the reasons for our choice.
  • Estate Planning - What would happen to your estate if you were no longer around? Do you have a last will and testament? Have you made sure that you maximise the value of your assets that will be transferred to your beneficiaries? In conjunction with our legal partners or your solicitor we provide you with a holistic estate planning solution. We consider a wide range of important regulations including taxation, social security, superannuation, family law and bankruptcy when planning and protecting your estate. We do things like minimise your tax so the maximum value of your assets are passed onto your beneficiaries and organise your superannuation.


       1. Property Investing

Do you know where the best investment properties are? Do you want access to information only available to high net worth individuals to invest in the best properties in the country? We have access to reputable investment property research companies that we source the best investment opportunities available in Australia.

       2. Shares and managed funds Investing

Do you want access to information that will help you get the research to buy the best share and managed funds portfolio? Our research house specialises in sourcing and rating the best companies and fund managers in Australia and Overseas.

       3. Superannuation

How much money will you need to retire and still maintain your standard of living? Do you want to take control and set up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?  Where will you invest your money so it will last in your retirement? Do you know what to do with the changing superannuation, taxation and social security legislation? We will create a plan for your retirement and provide investment advice for your money. We can roll over your existing super fund(s) and set up a Self Managed Super Fund. We will provide you with the best advice with regards to your situation and current laws.

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