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Not all accountants are the same!

These are "generalities" we have observed from years of experience in our industries.  Obviously, they may not apply to every firm out there but these are common traits we see amongst our peers and how some of the ways we believe what we do is different or better than the "average".

Accounting Firms

Many accounting firms are so focused and "busy" with compliance (known by Accountants as the Compliance Trap) that they do not offer financial management solutions to help you proactively manage the money in your business.  Most accounting firms are reactive and only (if you are lucky) offer financial management services if you are in financial difficulty.  Most accounting firms are based only on selling time, rewarding them for taking longer and being inefficient so they charge you more rather than charging based on specific, measureable, valuable outcomes/ results.  Clients of ours that have moved from larger firms complain that senior managers/ partners in these larger firms "never" return their calls whereas we promise to call back within the next business day.  Alternatively, many of the larger accounting firms generate a large portion of their revenue from auditing - a service we do not offer in house.       

We have invested in technology that allows us to understand the financial impact of a business decision before you make it.  We have also invested in other technology that allows us to produce accurate and timely financial reports to better measure, manage, forecast your cash in/ out flows.  We help our clients set financial goals so they are not drifting with the economy.  We create a Scorecard to monitor and manage your business performance.  The primary solution we have for this as a proactive accounting firm is Money Manager

Business Accountant Sydney

Many tax practices, especially "suburban" tax practices deal largely with individual tax returns and not small business as is our focus.  From our experience from staff who have worked within these practices they don't have the detailed knowledge to deal with companies, trusts and self managed super funds.  It is also our observation that many tax practices do not conduct a mandatory tax planning meeting as we do to help businesses legally minimize and manage their tax liabilities.  It is also our experience with tax professionals that have worked in other practices that they tend to take "shortcuts" that could potentially compromise the client's legal position withe the ATO.  We have considerable expertise on tax issues relating to business and investments such as superannuation, capital gains tax, R&D tax concessions and GST etc.  Find out more in our Tax Minimization solution.  We also have a very close alliance with a legal tax practice where we can get specialist advice on specific tax legislation. 

Business Advisory Sydney

Many business advisory/ coaching and management consulting firms, especially marketing and sales consultancies have a very poor knowledge of finances and hence only see half the picture, the income side and not the expense side when it comes to business and profit improvement .  Many business coaching franchises have been accused of selling anyone a license (cause they are so eager to grow) as long as they had the money to pay the franchise fee resulting in coaches with a very poor business management knowledge.  Some business coaches just have conversations to help the client "work through things" which can sometimes go round in circles with no measurable results.  We know clients don't sometimes have the resources to follow our advice which is why we also offer consulting services to do it for them.  Some management consulting firms just deal with strategy and not implementation resulting in a very expensive report.  The claim is often made that if the client did all the things recommended in the report it would be many times the fee value but unfortunately implementation is what the client is most interested in.  Many small businesses struggle to grow hence we have engineered our Money Maker solution to boost your business. 

Financial Planning Sydney

Many financial planning/ investment advisors do not understand tax and legal implications when it comes to wealth creation.  Many financial planning firms that are owned by the big financial institutions are biased into promoting their products and not really as independent as you would like them to be - unlike our dealer group, which is Australia's largest independently- owned network of financial planning accountants and advisors.  Also financial planners have been known to be very "product" focused recommending a particular product to all their customers sometimes because they pay the best commissions rather than be "customer" focused and do what is best for the customer as you will read in our testimonials.  Many financial planners can only offer limited advice due to license restrictions on managed funds or equities, but we can also advise on property and businesses - two other major investment classes.  Find out more about the Winner Prosperity (financial planning) and Winner Finance (loans) solutions we offer.   

Key Differentiator 

The key differentiator in what we do is that we are small enough and cross skilled enough to provide a wholistic solution (Winner Connections) to small businesses with regards to making more money and managing their money better in a programmatic approach to systematically improve every area of your business.